Messages In Poetry

My Community, Village, People

To All My People 101

To all my people, near and far,

It means everything to me, whom you are.

Sorry, I don’t see the color of your skin,

Or the hair on your head,

I only see what’s within.

The shape of your nose,

To me makes no difference.

Afruika my Motherland,

That’s my grounding, and reference.

I love the characters working for good,

On the highways, the byways, in the hood...

I love the homeless. I love the poor.

I don’t love their condition,

For in them I see more.

Their strength of character,

Some their humility,

Those wishing for better,

To save humanity.

From those whom society discards,

I’ve learned more, than those schooled retards.

No disrespect meant to those educated, with the tools,

But it will be negligent of me not to mention, the

Educated fools, from uneducated schools (Curtis Mayfield)

I am not the racist you think I am.

But I am the 'racist', when you understand

My positive thoughts, I practise and imbue,

To lift my people and all humankind,

That’s who I am. That’s what I do.