Messages In Poetry

My Community, Village, People
Happy Mother’s Day, Afruika


The greatest Mother there ever will be,

Giving birth to humankind,

And early forms of humanity.


You taught the world everything good,

And treated your children,

As a good mother would.

But some of them turned out so unkind,

The degenerate bastards,

Barbarous and savage, every time.

They are the people who wrecked you,

Raped you, and left to die.

But you are stronger than that,

We know, or will know why.

You and your children, holding hands,

The average mind sees,

But can’t understand.

It’s melanin, or carbon if you will,

The more Afruikans they kill,

The more they’re coming. Still,

It’s deeper than that,

As I said. It’s melanin,

Flowing from toe to head.

Melanin, the essence of life

And juice of the universe,

The reason for Black,

And Life of the Cosmos.

Shear disregard, disrespect

And other ‘disses’,

We have been brainwashed to expect.

From degenerate minds

That couldn’t see.

They are the people

Perpetually robbing, your virginity.

Your children have begun to stand.

And yes, it seems slowly.

But they are gaining strength,

To stop the barbarians

From raping you, repeatedly.

Written by: George MacD Lynch