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My Community, Village, People

There are many distinct facets of In the main, we are an 'experience collective' dedicated to improving community life, and the lives of individuals in various

communities, especially our youth or young-at-heart.

We live by the philosophy – “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”.

Beginning 1997, we have been deeply involved with children's homes

  • We have also been lending support to pertinent governing bodies

  • For years, one of our team-members chaired the pertinent national body

Until October 2014, our team-lead had been daily working with 'at-risk' students (average attendance 33 to 35). A program he and his wife had brought to the region in 2004. He had spent the period, invigorating the program, providing a Vision, Mission, etc, projects, getting more of the wider community meaningfully involved. Leading with a different approach, and a deeper sense of purpose.

  • Some of our team-members have been deeply involved in sports and culture

  • Some have been involved at the regional level

  • And one or two have been involved at the national level.

  • From early teens, we have been working alongside young people

  • As we grew older, we have been mentors, nurturing younger people.

We have recently (April 2016) started a study-group, with the focus of providing more attractive avenues of growth for our young people. The ultimate goal is dedicated to saving our children, through the 'sub-pursuit' of poverty, and crime reduction.

We have also tabled projects which include, but not limited to, agriculture, manufacturing, performing arts, music production. This holds special emphasis for our Afrikan youth, more so special for those ‘at risk’, supporting them in knowing who they really are. And ultimately making greater contributions to our societies.

This is the passion driving our team for a better tomorrow, starting here, starting now.

  • Cause if not us, who?

  • And if not now, when?