Messages In Poetry

My Community, Village, People

We thank Almighty Yahweh, for His

  • Love and passion which encompasses everything, and all things

  • Mercy which endures and replenishes

  • Wisdom, through which we are guided, guarded, and directed

  • Blessings which He rains on us, and through which we are energized

  • Looking over all of us, as a people striving to perfection

  • Manifestation in the people, that they are believing in us

  • Investment in us, empowering us to effectively deliver our commitment


We thank Almighty Yahweh for the people who visit our site, for

  • Without them, there is no purpose for this site

  • The feedback they share unselfishly, recognizing Yahweh is Love

  • Their encouragement when things seem rough, and they make us smile

  • Yahweh's grace through them, in His reassurance

  • Those who say they will, and exercise it, with passion

The Team

We thank Almighty Yahweh for providing, the

  • Team with successful beginnings to the first trip of each journey

  • Team the opportunity to see tomorrow, starting today

  • Opportunity He has provided, to make a difference in our world

  • Demonstration that the teams will not lose sight of the vision

  • Demonstration of commitment the members are producing

  • Significant diversity in membership

  • Maturity and passion of teams, easily demonstrated through the fire

Leader of Our Team
We thank Almighty Yahweh for investing in the leader of our team,

  • His courage, strength, and temerity to successfully deliver

  • His wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and passion, to be effective in the discharge of his responsibility

  • Patience, and the discerning eye for integrity, and an open mind

  • The ability not to sidetrack His instructions or desires, for God is Good

  • His peace which goes beyond all understanding

  • His love and happiness

  • His safety, in bringing the leader of our team to this point of no return

  • The opportunity to make a difference in our world, starting here. Starting now

  • The ability to see the desired tomorrow, and the passion to encourage others

With an open mind.