The Journey

Messages In Poetry

My Community, Village, People

Your ethnicity and or nationality matters not to me when you love. I ‘see’ you.

You are my elder. You are my sister. You are my brother. I love you all, the same.

Though it serves as a means to an end, my admiration and respect for you, has

absolutely nothing to do with your material position in life. It does not impress me.

I am impressed, and love you more when you care for the abused, homeless,

downtrodden, displaced, people in need of a hand up, etc, those that need you.

When you stand, for those with no legs. Walk the road, for those with no shoes. Feed

water to those in thirst. Speak for those without a voice. ‘Cry’, when others pain. Sheler

the homeless. Clothed the naked.

When you do, you help me to believe we will no longer be controlled by the seven

deadly sins. There is hope, that we will all find each other one day.

I don’t ‘see’ you, when you hate and discriminate against others because they are of a

different ethnicity and or nationality. Unconditionally, you can’t be my sister or brother

this way. And I pay particular attention to your behavior, especially with Afruikan people.

With respect to what I have said above, I place special emphasis on my Afruikan people,

because of the forced condition and position in which we find ourselves. More so to

those Afruikans who have decided to pray and love each other, then things will improve.

Awake. Do your research. Learn the truth.

Learn why our world came crashing down after the Arab invasion and partial

destruction of Egypt. Understand why it will not improve, until Afruikans return to their


Do not be misguided by thoughts of superiority or supremacy. That’s not where I’m

coming from. Afruikans don’t think that way, despite established facts to prove same.

I am urging Afruikan people to understand – all we have to do is pray and love each

other – won’t cut it. If that was true, why are we in this condition and position in which

we find  ourselves?

I am working as effectively as I can, to make a difference for the needed change. I am

sharing what I have learned with the world, that others in turn will begin learning more,

starting their journey.

That’s my journey.