Messages In Poetry

Our messages are taken from experiences, no abstraction.

AcoustacyMy Only Child  (new songs)

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Welcome to Poetry Without Borders!

Please, I urge you not to accept anything I say, without validation.

I suggest you first question it. Then research it, with he intent of validation.

Regardless of direction, you will have learned.

Basically, and regardless of manifestation, all of human life comes down to two

things, energy (the source), and melanin (the medium of use).

This has led to some amazing discoveries or admissions,

the subject of which is under review. The outcome, will be either added to book 7.

Or, it will ‘make’ its own book.

Book 7 - I Will Rise. I Will Shine.

Tweaking in progress

All new book 7.

124 pages of

thought-provoking pieces.